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We use a variety of technologies, during the design phase and during the construction and inspection phase.

In the design phase, depending on the choice made by our clients (custom construction or based on one of our models) our approach is as follows:


The client could give us a sketch, a drawing, some photos and/or verbal explanations.
Based on the information received, we prepare a preliminary model/ sketch which we call Customer Requirements.
The client will review it and correct it, then we will modify it then we will submit it again to the client.
This iterative process could take typically 2-4 cycles while the house (building) model is more and more defined and more details are added.
A rendered model will be prepared by us as well as 2D plans showing each level (ground, 1st floor, roof terrace, where the case).
Once the client approves these documents, we prepare a contract to be reviewed and approved.

The contract will bear an unique number that it will be found in every document, drawing, 3D model, related to this construction project.


The cycle is the same as for Custom Construction, but simplified and faster, because the documents defining the construction are already existent.
What could be added are some customisation, such as little changes in the bathrooms, bedrooms, or elsewhere, changes in the landscape, etc.


Once the contract for construction is signed by the client, we take following two steps, before the structural design:

a) Verification (satellite coordinates) of the precise position of the lot where the construction will be.

b) Soil analysis of the place of the future building.
It consists in a combination of traditional on-site analysis and more advanced laboratory tests, which are together able to provide an accurate understanding of how the soil will react to factors such as moisture, pressure and shear forces.
Drilling is performed in soil every 3 meters and samples are taken in the laboratory for testing.
With these samples several soil properties are determined, such as the plasticity limit, abrasion, humidity content, density, etc.
These properties are entry values of a mathematical algorithm which determines the soil capacity to sustain a building.
A soil test certificate is issued which becomes the reference for the structural design performed further.
No structural design is made without a soil test certificate as a reference.

In the design phase we use specialised software that allow us to realise the architectural and structural design:

All of these technological tools are add-on to our engineering experience and skills.

It is important to note that the structure of your house is designed by us to last  100 years  and is adapted to the specifics of the area where is built.

All the construction documentation (3D models, 2D construction plans, etc.) are carefully reviewed by our Q.A. engineer before releasing them to the client.
The client reviews them, then the MSJ engineers review and approve them.
Then all the documents are reviewed again by Montecristi City Hall specialists and approved.
Only then a construction permit is issued.
Thus we can say that every time when we start a construction, the construction documentation is 100 % sound and safe.

All our documents will bear the contract number as a prefix, followed by specific info that makes the document unique.
All our documents /drawings have included a revision number.
Every time when a document/drawing is revised, updated, a new revision number is assigned, and it is published to all interested recipients.
Then all the obsolete revisions of it will be withdrawn from all recipients.
A new revision of a document explains the changes from the previous revision.
Our Q.A. manager makes sure that this process is always accurate and just in time, so that at the construction site and elsewhere we have always up to date documents.

In addition to this system, for each construction project, we create and maintain a private web section, with all the construction documents, photos, videos, etc. so that only authorised people (the client, our specialists) have access.
This private web section will be accessible with a code from our private zone and it will be available on line 24/24 7/7 for the whole duration of the contract.
In plus, all the construction documents from that page could be downloaded any time in personal drives.

To see an example of a private web section, go to our  private zone  and use the code  98765 . All documents there are just examples.

In this private web section, we could include, as an example  Custom_Meteo  and lot orientation, so that the client will better choose his house orientation


First of all, we never use beach sand and/or salted water for our constructions. Only river sand and clean unsalted water.
We use only raw materials of good quality and with proven properties as required by our construction documentation.

In addition to right proportions of water / cement / sand (for mortars) or gravel (for concrete) and reinforced steel (Rebars) for reinforced concrete, in order to improve the quality and reliability of our constructions,
we use a series of additives such as concrete plasticiser, accelerating concrete set, corrosion inhibitor for foundations in reinforced concrete, anti-cracks for plastering and mortars, waterproofing agents.
We don't know other construction company who uses all these additives.


Ceramics, painting, doors, cabinets, counters, windows, roofs, lamps, accessories for kitchen, bathrooms, terraces

All these items are chosen by the client from the available choices found in the local market.
Most of them are imported and they all follow the North American quality standards.
We help the client to choose all of these items, either by presenting photos with choices for each item, or going with the client in the local stores to choose directly.
Once the ceramics, counters, fixtures, bath accessories are chosen, our designers prepare layouts as per client instructions.
Once these layouts are approved, they are installed.

Another approach is to present to the client directly documents, 3d-s, with full equipped bathrooms and kitchens, with all accessories and cabinets.
Once approved they are made as per the documents presented.

For outside of the house, documentation describing the layout with pavement, plants, alleys is made by our designers.
Once corrected / approved by our clients, all is done according to approved documentation.

General outside/inside cleaning is done, then a full inspection of the house is made at the end.
Corrections are made where the case.

An inspection report is handed to the client with the house ready to move in.

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