Manabi Villas 

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Before choosing the model of the house to build, a new customer should be aware of the conditions set by  MSJ internal rules (available in French for now), so that a new property is well integrated in MSJ.
You will see that all constructions in MSJ should follow a set of rules, such as maximum height, max/min height / floor, construction materials, minimum distance house-lot limits, to name a few.
If you have difficulties with understanding the document named above, please contact us.

MSJ has three distinct zones: A - ocean side, B - middle, C - highway side.
If you don't own a lot yet in MSJ and you would like to buy one, then you could access our  Buy a lot in MSJ  page, where you could see the MSJ layout, what lots are available, prices, etc.

To choose a model for a house to build, some esential factors are to be considered, such as:

If you have doubts about investing in a lot in MSJ and/or building a house,
you should know that your investment is   protected  .

Once you decide to build with us a turnkey house in MSJ (or elsewhere in Manabi),
we will provide to you a complete service as per the following main items:

More details about how the project will progress, milestones, etc. are found in CONTRACT>>CONTRACT DOCUMENTS section and CONTRACT>>PROJECT MANAGEMENT page.

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