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Manabi Villas builds anywhere in the province of Manabi, Ecuador. If you plan to build in Manabi, Ecuador, but you don't have a terrain, we can find one for you, anywhere in Manabi, including in Mirador San Jose (MSJ).

We can offer several contract options, starting with design only, up to turn key construction, fully furnished.
Here below is the structure of a construction project with us, followed by the options you can choose:

Architectural documents
1.1. Architectural plans + 3D renders.
1.2. Electrical drawings.
1.3. Hydro sanitary drawings (water, drains, etc.).

Technical documents
2.1. Soil study for No.4 above.
2.2. Structural drawings based on structural calculations and on the soil study.
2.3. Construction permit from Montecristi Town Hall, based on the documents above.
The client has to have all taxes for the terrain paid to date to Montecristi. Manabivillas can provide this service.

2.4. Construction permit from INMIRSAN, based on the documents above.
The client has to have all taxes for the terrain paid to date to INMIRSAN. Manabivillas can provide this service.

PART TWO - GRAY CONSTRUCTION (It can start only if 2.4. is issued already)
The whole construction is built, containing:
a. All electrical conduits and electrical boxes, for electricity, TV, internet, but no wires or other electrical elements.
b. All hydro sanitary pipes, drains, everything contained in walls and in floors.
c. All propane hoses contained in walls and / or floors.
d. Side walk of 1 m width around the villa; front alley, plaster interior/exterior.

a. Wardrobes, shelves, kitchen elements (counters, cabinets, islands if chosen, back splash ceramics or mosaic,ceramic floors).
b. All electrical+TV+internet wiring, switches and outlets; electrical panel and breakers.
c. All lamps, sinks, shower elements, toilets, mirrors in the bathrooms, bidet if the case, outlets, taps, interior/exterior painting.
d. Ceramics on walls, floors (interior/exterior), stone (if chosen), porcelain (if chosen instead of ceramics).
e. Roofs in ceramic or terracotta, metallic (not recommended).
f. Pergolas in wood or bricks/concrete/terracotta, if the case.
g. TV antenna, in ground water tank, water heater, water tank for pressure, water pump, water filter.
h. Windows, doors, rails.

a. Stove, refrigerator, washer dryer, dishwasher, all kitchen appliances, TV set, bedroom furniture, sheets, towels,blinds, curtains, routers, satellite antenna, cell signal amplifier system (the cell tower is at 14 km with 16 km coverage; when inside the signal is weak and not reliable).
b. Solar panels + batteries + controller.
c. Wind generator+controller.
d. Security cameras via internet.
e. Remote locks via internet.
f. Plants and landscape.
g. Automatic watering system for plants
h. 15 m3 water tank with water purifier and re circulation
i. 27 kw diesel generator with automatic start/stop and sound enclosure
j. Pool with all its equipment, Jacuzzi fully equipped
k. Fence.
l. Garage.
m. A new car registered on your name and with paid insurance for one year.
n. Other options not listed above, upon request


1. Part one, Architectural documents only (1.1., 1.2 and 1.3)
2. Part one in full (1.1 to 1.3 and 2.1 to 2.4).
3. Part one in full + part two. Meaning grey construction, complete.
4. Part one in full + part two + part three
5. Part one in full + part two + part three + Options of part four

Payment schedules:
Option 1: Two payments, based on deliveries.
Option 2: Two payments, based on deliveries.
Option 3: Three payments, based on deliveries.
Option 4: Six payments, based on deliveries.
Option 5: Six payments, based on deliveries.

Choosing more than one contract for your project, might be easier for your cash flow.

If you plan to build in MSJ, before choosing the model of the house to build, you should be aware of the conditions set by
 MSJ internal rules (available in French for now), so that a new property is well integrated in MSJ.

You will see that all constructions in MSJ should follow a set of rules, such as maximum height, max/min height / floor, construction materials, minimum distance house-lot limits, to name a few.
If you have difficulties with understanding the document named above, please contact us.

MSJ has three distinct zones: A - ocean side, B - middle, C - highway side.
If you don't own a lot yet in MSJ and you would like to buy one, then please  Contact us. 

To choose a model for a house to build, some esential factors are to be considered, such as:

If you have doubts about investing in a lot in MSJ and/or building a house,
you should know that your investment is   protected  .

Once you decide to build with us a turnkey house in MSJ (or elsewhere in Manabi),
unless your contract specifies otherwise, we will provide to you a complete service as per the following main items:

More details about how the project will progress, milestones, etc. are found in CONTRACT>>CONTRACT DOCUMENTS section and CONTRACT>>PROJECT MANAGEMENT page.

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