Manabi Villas   INTRODUCTION 

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Manabi Villas is a construction company and its main activity is to build turn key houses in Mirador San Jose, Province of Manabi, Ecuador.
The official website run by Mirador San Jose (MSJ as called) is  here .
The project location is  here . Meteo at site, in real time, is  here .
You find  here  information about travel to MSJ, in the region and anywhere.
This is a true one stop shop for flights, hotels, car rentals, MSJ local transportation and more.
Photos taken from MSJ site in 2016 are here. Videos of MSJ site are here.
Photos of the various houses in MSJ are here.

In our portfolio (MENU>>PORTFOLIO) you will find our house models.
In the same portfolio you will find some examples and our video presentations.
All of these are the product of our design team.

In is important to note that your investment in Ecuador will be  protected  by an agreement between Canada and Ecuador.

Also it is important to note that the structure of your house is designed by us to last  100 years  and is adapted to the specifics of the area where is built.

All the links found in this introduction are available any time in the menu of this website.

A new built house is delivered by us with appliances such as lights, fans, A/C units, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counters, landscaping, etc.
Some optional services are provided, such as:

Manabi Villas team members are highly qualified, experienced, dynamic and very motivated to provide the service that you are looking for.
We have built houses in MSJ in the past, and also elsewhere, and we are proud to say that all our clients are satisfied with our work.

All houses built by us are covered by short term and long term warranty. Contact us for more information.

 We serve our clients in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Romanian.