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Villa Calypso is a two bedrooms villa and three bathrooms.
It is offered at a low price, with economic features.
There is no habitable second floor, just a roof terrace with an optional Jacuzzi.
Interior areas:
63.2 sq.m (680 sq.ft.)- ground level.
63.2 sq.m (680 sq.ft.)- roof terrace.

The model presented here is just a valid proposition, ready to be built.
As needed, one of our architects could remodel it just to follow your preferences, your needs and your style.

Click on  PHOTOS , to see its structure inside out.
More information is presented with the comments of each photo.

Villa Calypso has all the functions of a good size villa and a very good comfort for what you would pay for.
A/C is included, as well as the satellite system and over-the-air antenna with 10 free channels or more.

Many other options are available upon request

We serve our clients in Englsh, French, or other languages

If you don't own a lot in MSJ, you could buy one (we can help you with this) and build this villa with us.
You can choose to contract a turn-key construction, or a grey construction only, so that you finish it later.

Please  contact me for more information and custom prices.
Special prices are offered until 1st of July 2019. We can deliver it before Christmas 2019.