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Pergola South is a low cost feature that allows the usage of two hammocks.
It could be attached to the house or it could be stand alone
Lights could be installed under the roof.
A table for two, situated at the centre could accommodate the users of the hammocks.

The structure is a combination of wood and bamboo, weatherproof painted.
Concrete solid feet are provided for stability and stiffness.

The hammocks could be removed and a garden table for six could be installed in.
As you could see in the video below, this pergola is a modular type construction,
so that most of the job is done in the workshop, where is less expensive.

The installation at site is easy and short, knowing that most of the components are prefabricated and painted.
A gravel pavement could be used, or interlock pavement, or ceramic pavement, your choice.

Use the recommended settings for the video below, in order to understand better the design intent.
You could maximise the video window, stop/start, go back and forth, while playing it.

All the jobs presented could be customized to fit your needs.


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