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P.Eng.,General Manager
Structural and installations design, Human Resources, Communication, Operations management, Procurement.
Profesional Construction Permit (registro profesional) 1307614949001. Tax # (RUC):1009-10-1014272.

Intelligent, motivated in everything he does, he is focused on safety, high engineering standards and on the best quality of his work and his team work.
He graduated  Universidad Técnica de Manabí  in 2010, in civil engineering, being part of the new wave of highly educated professionals in Ecuador.
A particular aspect of Javier's personality is the fact that he realy loves his work.
He handles the most critical element of every construction he undertakes (the structure) with a lot of responsibility.
Young, but very experienced, strong and very pleasant personality, honest and always willing to help, reliable in his promises, respected and very appreciated by all his staff and his clients, Javier with his construction team built several houses in MSJ and elsewhere.

P.Eng., M.Sc., Sales

Eugen has more than 30 years of broad engineering experience and IT experience.
He graduated  University Politechnica of Bucarest  in 1980 in Material Science and Engineering,
Delta College Montreal in in 1997 in Analyse and Programming and
 Université du Québec (ETS)  in 2007, Master of Science in Information Technology.

Eugen is fluent in several languages and he is  OIQ Member  since 1998, permit No.115813.
Eugen worked in several countries and cultures; he has experience in management, design, testing and IT.
Most of his experience is acquired in Canada.
He managed projects at construction sites, such as in Commerce (Texas), Sohar (Oman, Middle East), etc.

One particular aspect of Eugen's experience is failure investigations at industrial sites.
Thanks to this side of his broad experience, he can identify design flaws and technology flaws, otherwise not obvious to other specialists.

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Adviser for our management team.

Janeth brings an important contribution to our activity, reviewing all official documents of our company.
She graduated  Universidad San Gregorio de Portoviejo  in 2008, Faculty of Law, being also part of the new wave of highly educated professionals in Ecuador.

Janeth is a sharp, focused and goal oriented person. She has a solid experience built in legal departments of municipalities.
With her experience and background she could solve the most complicated transactions for us, such as when a client wants to buy a terrain for another person and both buyer and seller are outside of Ecuador.

We are all very happy having Janeth in our team.

Engineer, accountant, auditor
Adviser for our management team.

Diana does all the accounting for our activity as well as other activities.
She graduated  Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabi  in 2015, in Ingineria en Contabilidad y auditoria, being also part of the new wave of highly educated professionals in Ecuador.

Diana is a very hard working, detail oriented and goal oriented person.
Despite the fact she is young, she has already a very valuable experience built mostly in construction industry.
Her evaluations, forecasts and advices are priceless to us.

We are all also very happy having Diana in our team.

Site Manager for the grey work.
Manages the grey work at the construction site. Installation of various equipment. Trouble shutting.

Dionisio has more than 20 years of experience in construction.
He is hard working, intelligent, honest, very good team member.
He understands and uses all our engineering drawings, with little or with no supervision, regardless how complicated they are.

Dionisio with his construction team, deliver an outstanding performance.
As all the other team members, Dionisio is very important to us.

We are all very happy to have him on board.

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Architect, Manager of the Design Team,
Architectural design, calculations, stress simulations, presentations.

Cristian is a very dynamic young architect.
He graduated  Universidad San Gregorio  in 2011.

Despite his age, he has accumulated an important experience in building design.
Cristian has a strong visual awareness and an eye for detail. He is very inventive and imaginative.
He has an exceptional capacity to work long hours, very focused.
Cristian has a specialty in urbanism, minimalist design and design of contemporary houses.
Besides his artistic side of Cristian is passionate about buildings and the built environment.
He has very good drawing skills, with a strong ability to work in three dimensions(3D) and he is very professional with his presentations.

Cristian cares about people and the environment.
He is also part of the new wave of highly educated professionals in Ecuador.

Architect, Design Team,
Architectural design, calculations, stress simulations, presentations.

Juan is a very intelligent and exceptionally talented architect.
He graduated  Universidad San Gregorio  in 2014.
His bright ideas, his capacity of analysis and synthesis, his drive for perfection and for outstanding achievements are immediately seen in all he does.
He is very impressive, before meeting him, just through his deliveries.
He is motivated, able to focus deeply for long hours, delivering a high quality of his work.
Juan is also part of the new wave of highly educated professionals in Ecuador.

Architect, Design Team,
Architectural design, calculations, stress simulations, presentations.

Mauricio graduated in 2013 from university SAN GREGORIO DE PORTOVIEJO, extencion chone.

He has experience in designs and renders. He is dynamic, agile and very responsible.
Mauricio is specialized for minimalist and contemporary designs.

He develops ideas keeping in mind client’s needs, building’s usage and environmental impact.
Mauricio follows constantly architectural trends and advancements.

As his colleagues, Mauricio is also part of the new wave of highly educated professionals in Ecuador.

Architectural Designer, soon graduating as an Architect
Architectural design, calculations, administrative work.

Hugo (back side of this photo) is a very ambitious and immaginative future architect.
He is student at  Universidad San Gregorio  in his last year of study.
He is a very good team worker and assistant for Juan and together they have build a strong synergy.
Hugo is always eager to learn, to improve his skills, in everything he does.
He will graduate as an Architect in 2017, having already a good experience in the field.

Property care manager. Secretary, assistant.
Administrative work, monthly reports, translations, communication, purchasing. Property management.

Maria is an ambitious, hard working young lady, very alert and very detail oriented.
She graduated  Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja  in Languages, English being the main language.

Her main job is to assist the General Manager and to do communication and administrative work.
Furthermore, she manages our activity of Property Management

Always present, proactive and willing to help, she knows how to build synergy.
Maria is an important asset to the team.

 We serve our clients in English, French, Spanish, Romanian.